Walk through the garden 7/20

I just realized when I wrote the title, July 20th?!?! Summer is flying by, but I swear the garden is growing by the minute! We are getting a pretty good harvest here lately! Especially green beans and zucchini! (I did harvest our first cucumber, but the ones below were a gift from the neighbor!)

Our nice harvest!

Along the fence line I planted a few sunflowers and luffas. Also, some cherry tomatoes decided to come up on their own!

Our first baby luffa! 

And the rest of the garden is just blooming away! I see lots of potential produce, as long as it’s pollinated!

Around the chicken run I planted a few birdhouse gourd plants and the are starting to bloom!

Beautiful birdhouse gourd bloom

I finally figured out what the  volunteers are at the bottom of the garden! They are… Cucumbers!!

Look at that baby cucumber! 

There are loads of green tomatoes! I love looking at the difference between the slicing and Roma tomatoes!

Heirloom marglobe slicing tomato
Tiny Roma tomatoes! 

Every year I tell myself that I’m just going to buy my pepper plants because they are so slow to grow from seed, and then I start from seed every year. So, here are my itty bitty green peppers!

Green pepper!

Lastly is this nice melon growing on the garden! It’s a muskmelon, basically tastes like a cantaloupe! We grew them last year and they were amazing!

Tiny muskmelon

Hoping that your garden is flourishing and that you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor!

8 Comments on “Walk through the garden 7/20

  1. Great to see your peppers – they certainly are slow plants to grow from seed. Mine are still little more than seedlings… I’m wondering if the ashes I put down where they’re growing has something to do with it!

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