Fair results and hot weather gardening

The weather has taken a turn for the extreme! It has been so hot, but I’m glad that we have a great rain water collection system to fall back on! Lots of rain barrels being used, so the garden is still nice and green!

Nice green garden! 

Since we have a slight surplus of produce and a boy that LOVES to sell anything, I let him set up a produce stand. He made many sales!

I mean, how adorable is that sign?!?!

And now, for the fair results!!! Not everything placed, but 3 items did! I got first place for my gardening apron!

1st place gardening apron
Here’s a nice collage of the apron! 

I have finally put a few on my gardening aprons on my etsy shop! http://www.earthfriendly4u.etsy.com

Then, there were my potatoes. They also got first place!!

First place white potatoes

And last is my beekeeping picture. I got second place in the beekeeping category!

2nd place! 

And the boy was pretty excited that he got first place for his necklace!

First place necklace! 

My flowers, upcycled feed bag tote and strawberry jam didn’t place, but I’m pretty happy for my first year!

Hope that you all are enjoying the end of July!


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