Wednesday walk through 7/27

It’s our last Wednesday walk through this month! How can it almost be August?!? I’m really not looking forward to back to school time and working!

Well, good news is that the garden has been working away! We have been harvesting lots of beans and zucchini!

First up are the luffas growing along the fence! You can see the luffa gourds and bee pollinating the flowers.

Luffa gourds! 

I haven’t posted many pictures of my sweet potatoes this year! Last year I grew about 80 pounds!

Sweet potato vines

And the poling beans have almost made their way all the way around the arch!

Poling beans

Remember how I thought that I had patty pan squash growing? Well, I think that it’s some weird hybrid! Not really a patty pan, kinda pumpkin like. Oh well, it’s neat looking and the chickens will love it!

A who knows what squash!

Looksy at this beautiful sight! I thought that all these blooms were beautiful! The bees were buzzing all around getting lots of pollen! Hopefully making lots of pumpkins! (And those trellises are sides of a crib! It was a drop down crib that was recalled, so we figured that we would repurpose it!)

Pumpkin blooms!!

Oh and this beautiful cantaloupe! It looks like there are so many more female blooms!


And still lots of green tomatoes!! Hopefully  they turn red soon!!

Look at those Roma’s! 

And now for the bad news… We live in town, so we can only have hens! And now that the guaranteed hen that we bought at the feed store is in fact a rooster, we have to rehome him! Hopefully we can find him a place!

He’s so handsome! 

Hoping to harvest lots of yumminess today! Are you all harvesting anything?!?

7 Comments on “Wednesday walk through 7/27

  1. You have a beautiful garden! Wow! Eighty pounds of sweet potatoes, that is so cool, are they harder to grow than other potatoes? We are harvesting onions, shallots, beans, a few zucchini, but I found squash bugs last night

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    • Not hard to grow at all!! They just take a long time! They vine all over the place, but the chickens love their leaves once I harvest the potatoes! And those squash bugs are terrible! Sounds like your garden is doing great!

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      • Cool! I will definitely have to try growing them next year. I love sweet potatoes, and they can be kind of expensive in the stores, and they must taste amazing garden fresh! Yeah boo squash bugs! Hope I can defeat them this year, haha. And a bummer you can’t keep your rooster! Same thing happened to us, we got six chicks this spring and one of them was a rooster. Oops!


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