Wednesday garden walk 8/3

It is kinda overcast and there is a nice breeze today. I actually wasn’t melting when working in the garden!

Our luffa gourds are starting to get really big! They are definitely looking promising!

Luffa gourd

We planted birdhouse gourds around the chicken run. They might not be very large yet, but they provide a ton of shade for the hens!

Birdhouse gourd

We have tried growing green peppers for years, without much success. This year, they are looking pretty good!

Green peppers

We have been harvesting several cherry tomatoes, and we have lots of large green tomatoes.

Large green tomatoes

We only harvested 2 cantaloupes last year, but this year we have many growing! And we will be able to harvest this one soon!


We had a mean old groundhog break into the garden! He chewed on a pumpkin plant and really enjoyed the cabbage that was growing!

Chewed up cabbage

The pumpkin plants are looking ok. A couple have way too many squash beetles. Yuck!

Baby pumpkin

I planted 2 zucchini plants in front of the coop to see if they might look good in a front yard garden. I think they look great!

Zucchini plants

And lastly, we have some beautiful sunflowers blooming.

Everything is coming along quite nicely! I hope that your garden looks beautiful too!

6 Comments on “Wednesday garden walk 8/3

  1. Not sure my garden is looking so beautiful at the moment but yours looks really great. Pumpkins/squash would definitely be a picture in the front garden!

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      • Yeah I tried that as well. I am trying a soap spray as well and hoping that helps. If you look under the leaves, that is where they lay their eggs, I just tear those parts of the leaves off and dump them in a bucket of soapy water to kill them. I pick the bugs off too, they are so gross.

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