Wednesday walk through the garden 8/10

What in the world was I thinking when I signed up to take a class the full week before I return to work? Obviously I wasn’t. The class is intense, but it’s all about gardening. So, that’s a plus! I’m hoping to start some sort of school garden!

But here at this garden, I’ve been busy. Staking tomatoes, picking green beans, getting pissy with a groundhog, etc.

Last night I picked beans for over an hour! This is 10 pounds of beans!! (And 2 cucumbers!)

Lots of canning in our future!

And I must say that the birdhouse gourds around the chicken coop are creating so much shade for the girls! Plus, the gourds are growing pretty well!

Beautiful chicken coop
Birdhouse gourd

The zucchini plants by the coop were planted later, but are producing some fruit!

Little zucchini

The luffas!!! They are multiplying and growing huge! I have a big hand, but it’s nothing compared to these!


They are growing along the side fence along with a few some tomatoes and a few sunflowers.

View along the fence

I can’t believe how far the sweet potatoes have come! They were really slow going, but are doing great now!!

Sweet potato vines

The later planted cucumbers are trellising quite nicely along with the pole beans.

Cucumber trellising

I have some beautiful flowers providing some pollen and nectar for my bee friends!

Gladiolus flowers in bloom! 
8+ ft sunflowers! 

Gardens are never perfect, but this one is perfectly ours. I keep telling myself that anything that isn’t perfect is a learning experience! Keep doing your gardening thing!!

4 Comments on “Wednesday walk through the garden 8/10

    • They are a luffa gourd. When dried out they can be used as a scrubbie! I’m really looking forward to drying them out in a few months!


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