Last weekend of freedom!

Well, this is it. My last weekend before returning to my classroom. It’s quite bittersweet, but I really need a paycheck at this point! But, back to gardening… Everything is doing pretty well, considering it’s so hot outside!!

I’m pretty excited to say that I’m getting some beautiful red tomatoes at this point! It’s probably some future pizza sauce!

Beautiful tomatoes!!

And, we are harvesting lots of other yummies too!

Even a cantaloupe!!

I always feel bad for the bees when it is this hot! They have been bearding pretty badly and are a little more angry. I will wait until a cooler day to check on them!

Hot bees!

While I was in class all week, I didn’t notice the birdhouse gourds getting so big! We might just harvest some after all!

Birdhouse gourd

My butternut squash have been really stunted this year, but in my defense, I haven’t grown them before! I’m glad to finally see a female bloom on one plant!

Possible butternut squash

My neighbor has a beautiful garden every year. He grows so much in there and can’t eat it all. He normally throws the excess into the compost, but I got the husband to ask him if he’d let us have it. And you know what?? He has given us 2 big buckets worth!  Less waste!!

Excess produce! Chicken approved!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, I know that I will! And I will leave you with a beautiful sunset that I watched from my garden 2 nights ago. Beautiful!


3 Comments on “Last weekend of freedom!

  1. I’ve been waiting for a female on pumpkins so I can appreciate your feelings about the butternut squash. I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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