Sorta kinda walk through the garden 8/17

I’m not even going to lie. I had a rough day going back to school. I love summer and spending time with my boy and gardening. Summer is just amazing. But, today was my first day and I survived.

Day 1

In the garden things are growing! I still find it amazing how quickly plants grow. One day you think they are never going to do anything and a week later, everything takes off!

Birdhouse gourd

We harvested our first cantaloupe from the garden and it was pretty close to 4 pounds! And look how amazing it looked when I cut it open:

Beautiful cantaloupe! 

And the garden at the grandparents is still looking amazing! I harvested a ton of corn (what the bear didn’t get) and half a bushel of green beans. Also, a few tomatoes!

Whole bunch of deliciousness! 

The  mister spent some of today canning the green beans that we snapped last night. They look amazing!

6 more quarts of green beans!

And my tomatoes are kinda out of control! I need to work on some spaghetti sauce this weekend! I’m going to be a busy girl!

So many tomatoes! 

And I think I’ll finish off with this post with some pictures of the beautiful flowers that are still blooming!


Enjoy the rest of the week! I have so much to do before my students arrive!!

6 Comments on “Sorta kinda walk through the garden 8/17

  1. Plan for at least the first week of school, get supplies ready, arrange desks, prepare bulletin boards, have families in for back to school night, get worksheets, folders and everything else paper-related ready. Definitely not my favorite time of year.


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