Too busy weekend

I have this weird quality to always saying yes to helping someone else, even when I really don’t have the time. This weekend has been filled with crafting for others, holding a produce stand with the boy, taking care of a friend’s store for the day and going out for an anniversary dinner.

This doesn’t even include doing fun things like laundry, grocery shopping, canning and cleaning.

And, I managed to overfill a bucket and break the handle right off! Nice, right?

My garden fail!!

But to focus on the positives, the boy’s sale went well and he had lots of customers! He even delivered to a few close neighbors!

Owen’s produce sale! 

The chicken coop is being taken over by the birdhouse gourds, zucchini and sunflowers! I think that it looks perfect!

I love the coop right now! 

These pretty tomatoes grew themselves this year:

Heirloom somethings! 

I think they are black krim, but I’m not sure!

We took what seemed like a million tomatoes and cooked them down and they turned into 3 quarts of tomato sauce! Do you ever wonder how store bought spaghetti sauce is so cheap??

Tomato sauce! 

I thought that I should end this post with some beautiful sunflowers:


2 on the same plant!

So, basically I’m going to work on relaxing more on the weekend and enjoying family. Oh, and totally saying no when I really don’t want to do something!

Have a great week!!

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