Thursday walk through the garden 8/25

Have I said how crazy the beginning of the school year is for a teacher? Well, it’s the busiest of busy times! We attended a back to school night with our middle schooler one night. Then, attended a seminar on solar energy last night. But tonight, nothing! Well, other than working in the garden and working on some sewing that needed done!

The harvest from the garden was really amazing! Around 15 lbs of tomatoes, 3 lbs of green beans, a few zucchinis and a green pepper!

Today’s harvest!

And after bringing in all of this yumminess, I had to endure Sherman crying because he needed some tomatoes!

Just staring at the tomatoes!

The butternut squash that wasn’t doing anything all summer started taking off! It is actually growing out of the raised bed!

Butternut squash

We are still having lots of beautiful sunflowers blooming!

Love the light yellow sunflower

The sunflower has become a trellis for the luffas, and there is a huge one growing in there!!

Luffa on the sunflower

I had to show the beginning of the season chicken coop, and the way it looks now! The gourds growing around provided lots of shade and privacy for the hens!

Beginning vs. now!

The wildflower garden didn’t turn out the way that I expected, but there are lots of yellow, purple and white flowers! And I see lots of pollinators enjoying all of it!

Weedy wildflower garden!

The bees are also looking great! I added another super to the yellow hive to give them extra space!

Busy bees!

I’m hoping to have a busy weekend processing green beans and tomatoes! Oh, and maybe a yardsale! Enjoy your end if the week!!

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