What a weekend (of work)

The first week with my 24 new students was pretty exhausting, but we are all getting in the groove of things! So, instead of relaxing, I got to work!

In the garden I’m working on pulling out the plants that don’t look great and harvesting the goodies that remain!

Garden harvest Saturday

That was over 16 pounds of tomatoes! Plus we got over 10 more pounds from the grandparent garden!

Then we started working on processing some of the harvest! We turned several pounds of tomatoes into tomato sauce!

Tomato processing!

And then I made some chili sauce. My dad has been talking about how much he loves this interesting concoction, so I made him some! I believe that I need to make a good bit more!

Chili sauce cooking!
All canned and preserved!

We also put up some poultry netting around the cook to let the girls free range a bit! The hens are loving more freedom!

Out free ranging!

While the chili sauce was cooking forever, I got some much needed sewing done! I hemmed a few pairs of pants, finished some bibs for a couple kids at school and then worked on an idea. I made bandana headbands, and still do, and now I whipped up some bow tie hair ties!

Bow tie headband

And we did manage to work in a little swimming with my momma! Kids grow up too fast and you can never spend too much time with family!

Chilling in the pool

I’m going to tryo utilize the evenings this week to get so much done! Enjoy your week!!

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