Walk through the garden 8/31

Slowly I see the summer slipping away. The tomato plants are slowing down and the pepper plants are too. I’m not sure how many more veggies that I will be harvesting. But tonight, it was still great!

Great harvest!

I was pretty excited to find a friend policing the garden! With so many other bad bugs, it’s great to see some good ones!

Praying mantis 

I am still shocked at how the butternut squash have taken off! We might just get one this year after all!

Butternut squash

Finally the couple of loofahs that I planted in the garden are doing something!

Finally a loofah!

And the loofahs around the fence are starting to get ready to be harvested! At first I was concerned that they were diseased or something! But, they eventually turn almost brown before harvesting!

Getting closer to harvest! 

And due to the 13 pounds of tomatoes picked every couple days, we have been canning a lot of nights. Last night we worked on some pizza sauce and they all sealed!

Pizza sauce! 

And im still making some hair ties to put in my etsy shop! So, I had my sleepy and totally non-resistant model Sherman try one on!

What a pretty boy! 

Looking forward to a holiday weekend and probably the start of cleaning out the garden for a cover crop and lots of canning!

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