August progress update

This is the season of preserving for sure! We have our main focus on putting up our harvest, but managed to keep checking off our other goals!

1. Begin beekeeping: The bees are looking great! They have been busier than normal, out getting their hives full of whatever they can find! Busy, busy bees!!

2. Make a pollinator garden: I can say that we have definitely completed this challenge! So many different flowers!✔️

3. Vacation somewhere different:(Now that the boy is getting older!) We didn’t do much this month! But we did manage to spend some time with my momma at her pool!

Pool time! 

4. No new fashion in 2016: I know most females would freak out over this one! I bought absolutely nothing this month! Not one thing!!
5. Reduce garbage: (Did you know the average American produces 4.4 lbs of garbage per day?!?!) It’s getting pretty easy to only make 1 bag of garbage for the month! Go us!!
6. Complete the 2016 in 2016 challenge: That means getting rid of 2016 things in our home this year! Still on track!

1,360 items outta here! 

7. Finish the kitchen remodel: I can’t lie, this has been at a stand still. But, even though this just happened today, I won this beautiful handmade kitchen towel!

Kitchen towel! 

8. Build an arbor and plant some grapes:(I’ve wanted to do this for years!) Arbor is basically fished!! So, I believe this will be a big ol’ check next month!

The Mr. has been busy! 

9. Expand the garden: We have definitely completed this for the year! We added on several raised beds and a three sisters garden! So we can give this a ✔️

10. Preserve more food:  This is one area where we are totally rocking! We have canned so many green beans, chili sauce, tomato sauce and pizza sauce! We will have so much deliciousness all throughout winter!

11. Organize the least organized place in the house, the garage: Ugh! This area will be where I am decluttering this year! With so many veggies, we are busy in the kitchen!

Why we are so busy right now!!

12. Treat my crafting more like a business: This month I was able to make 6 sales at my etsy store and I’m building inventory for our best sale of the year, Autumn Glory! I even started making some cute hair bows!

The best way to make a bad hair day better!

13. Work on budgeting and paying down the house: We had a certain number that we were shooting for being at for the end of the year, and we are there already! So this goal is already a ✔️!

August was kind if a blur! We have been busy with preserving and work and school! I am really hoping to announce that the kitchen is finished after next month!


5 Comments on “August progress update

  1. Awesome goals and way to keep yourself on track by posting online! I will be following to watch the progress- love the bees and the garden! Are the luffa’s hard to grow! Great job on the etsy shop!


    • Thanks for following along on my journey! The garden is fizzling out quickly now, but the bees are working hard to prep for winter! And the luffas were not too hard! I had to start them really early indoors due to them requiring a long season. Once the heat of summer started, they took off! 😊

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