Walk through the garden 9/7

The garden is really slowing down and I have been busy clearing it out! I have harvested MANY sunflower heads!

Future chicken food!

The areas that were finished producing food have been ripped out and I planted some red clover cover crop to put some nitrogen in the soil! To my surprise, it’s already sprouting!!

Red clover

The pollinator garden is still producing many beautiful flowers! The gladiolus flowers are now blooming pink and yellow. There are also a few roses and I think that the coneflowers might still flower! Maybe!

There are still a few plants doing great! The raised bed above is really taking off with sweet potatoes and butternut squash!


While the birdhouse gourd plants are dying off, I think we are going to get a few nice sized gourds!

Birdhouse gourd

The temps and humidity just felt disgusting outside tonight. So, I wasn’t surprised to see how much the bees were bearding this evening! They were some hot bees!

Bearding bees!!

I decided to make some zucchini cake! It is super easy!! I just follow the directions for making a cake mix, add a half cup of chocolate chips and grate a whole zucchini.

Zucchini cake! 

When I went around to throw the football with the boy, I thought the jeep was picture perfect. My husband enjoys working on these in his spare time and he’s thinking about selling this one.

Rustic and full of history

And when I came in, I worked on sewing an etsy order and then made some adorable new bandana hair ties!

I hope that your having a great week and that you are as excited as I am to be over the hump! Onward to Thursday!!!

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