Crafting weekend

Our sweet little cockapoo Izzy isn’t feeling up to par. She’s always tough and full of life, so I hate seeing her down. She’s being seen by the vet, so hoping that she will be on the mend!

Our sweet Izzy girl! 

I couldn’t spend too much time outdoors, because I needed to keep an eye on the pup, so I crafted many orders! I made some  regular and smaller sized hair bows!

Hair bows!

And I also created a super cute all cotton crocheted mason jar coozie. The mister will be adding a hole and straw to the top, but I think that they will make amazing drink cups! Zero wasters rejoice!

Mason jar coozie


Since we were keeping an eye on the pup, not a lot was spent gardening. We were able to harvest several more pounds of tomatoes, and corn stalks for decor!

Our last grandparent garden harvest

But this next picture was amazing!! I picked my first luffa gourd and peeled it. How amazing! I’m going to have to do a whole post on how amazing luffas are! This one is going to be turned into soap!!!

Luffa gourd! 

So not a crazy weekend here, but more of a slow moving one! Hoping that your weekend was amazing!


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