Wednesday happenings! 9/14

Notice that I didn’t say walk through the garden. The reason… It’s almost fizzled out for the year. I still need to harvest a few veggies, but not a whole lot to look at. I was able to harvest a few things out of the garden!

Tomatoes, pepper, green beans and luffa

And I have been peeling luffa gourds the past couple nights. It’s pretty fun peeling them and shaking out the seeds. When they dry out, they look amazing!

Dried out luffas

The chickens have been enjoying evenings of free ranging. I got a gift card at work, so I bought some poultry fencing to help keep them safe. They are loving life!!

Free ranging chickens 

Before the sun starting going down, I followed this fellow up the street to get some delicious grapes off of my neighbor. I smelled them when we went on a walk yesterday and asked if we could have some, and she said sure!

Off to pick grapes

And these beautiful grapes are going to be turned into jelly! They smell amazing!

Delicious grapes! 

And I also fit in a sewing project! I finished up some bandanna bows. You can tell I’m from Maryland with the oriole and Ravens patterns. Truth be known, I don’t even watch sports!

Bandana bows

And the best news of all is that my pup is doing great! She’s back to her old self and feeling good!

Have a great rest-of-the-week!!!

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