Last weekend of summer

We have crammed work into every second this weekend. I think that we might just be getting to the end of all the canning. We were able to can a bunch of grape jelly from the grapes that I got! It is seriously delicious!

Grape jelly!

And we also turned the last of the tomatoes into pizza sauce!

Pizza sauce!

While all of the sauce was cooking, I decided that we needed to use up the last of the apples and I made apple pie cake. (Notice my little bum that wanted some too!)

Apple pie cake

I also was able, with help from the husband, to finish up the newest craft that I’ve been working on. It’s very zero waste! Glass ball jar with reusable stainless steel straw and reusable and eventually compostable coozie! Major win!

My newest creation

I’m still getting a little bit out of the garden every couple days! I have harvested around 5 luffas at this point and I’m hoping that the others have time to dry out too!

Today’s harvest

I had all but given up on my cosmos flowers ever blooming this summer and I saw this today…

So beautiful!

We walked over to watch a piece of a triathlon that comes through our town. It’s the biking section and they have to bike up this crazy steep part that’s actually closed to traffic! We cheered for all of the bikers!

Beautiful view!

The sweet potatoes have been putting up lots of beautiful flowers! And the bees are loving them!

Honeybee on a sweet potato bloom

It was such a productive weekend! Hopefully you all enjoyed your weekend!

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