Summer is over 9/21

Just like that. Summer is over. Yes, we have been in school for a few weeks. But, pretty soon this weather is going to get cooler and pumpkin creations will appear everyone. (And I dislike pumpkin anything)

The garden is becoming a barren piece of ground with some cover crop growing. But the luffas are slowly drying out and getting ready to be harvested! This super mega luffa was over 20 inches!!

21 inch luffa! 

The harvest was not too exciting. Just a few tomatoes, green beans and the last sunflower head.

Our little harvest

I took a few of the dried out sunflower heads and pulled out the seeds for a chicken treat.

Winter chicken treat

The mister added the grommets and reusable straws for our mason jar cups.

Zero waste coozies cups 

These will be taken to the next craft show! Hopefully they will sell!

Happy mid week check in! Tomorrow is my Friday, so I’m going to enjoy every second of a slightly longer weekend!

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