Little harvest and frugal decor 9/28

We are still getting a few tomatoes and luffas from the garden. But yesterday, we got our first birdhouse gourd. We are trying to leave them on the vine for a while, but one fell off and I knew the hens would make it disappear!

Tiny harvest! 

We did take the corn stalks and a pumpkin and turned them into our free fall decor! And the wreath is the same one that I’ve used for years! I have to love free decor!

Free fall decor

And to make the decor even better, the sunflowers out front are looking beautiful!

Late summer blooms! 

We sold off the rest of the corn stalks and will be delivering them this weekend!

Corn stalks! 

Everything is surely coming to an end for the growing around here! We will be prepping the ground for the garden expansion and hoping that the cover crop will take off. We still need to get rid of a few items to meet our decluttering goal for September! Enjoy the last few days of the month!

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