September Progress update!

For the New Year, I set a list of goals. I decided to share the goals to keep me more accountable. And you know what?!?? It’s been working!

1. Begin beekeeping: The bees are looking great! And I was even able to get a great deal on some super boxes! I’m really hoping to get them all set for winter!

2. Make a pollinator garden: I can say that we have definitely completed this challenge! So many different flowers!✔️

Finally a cosmos!

3. Vacation somewhere different:(Now that the boy is getting older!) We weirdly enough didn’t take the boy, but we went to the Mother Earth news fair!

Great time was had!

4. No new fashion in 2016: I know most females would freak out over this one! I didn’t get a single item, but I did get a new shirt for my birthday.

Kinda my new favorite shirt!!

5. Reduce garbage: (Did you know the average American produces 4.4 lbs of garbage per day?!?!) Still better than most, but closer to 1 and a half!
6. Complete the 2016 in 2016 challenge: That means getting rid of 2016 things in our home this year! Didn’t quite get rid of enough items this month, but next month will be better!

1,462 items outta here!

7. Finish the kitchen remodel: The mister painted the whole kitchen and put new outlet covers on! They looked super 80’s  before! Almost finished!

Update from the 80’s!

8. Build an arbor and plant some grapes:(I’ve wanted to do this for years!) Almost there! Just some boards horizontally and we are finished!


9. Expand the garden: We have definitely completed this for the year! We added on several raised beds and a three sisters garden! So we can give this a ✔️

10. Preserve more food: we took some of the grapes from our sweet neighbor and turned them into delicious grape jelly!!

Grape jelly! 🍇

11. Organize the least organized place in the house, the garage: We cleared out garage stuff at a yard sale! Made some money and cleaned out the garage.

Yard sale!

12. Treat my crafting more like a business: Only a few online sales, but also made a few sales to friends. Also, I have been working on Autumn Glory crafting

Crocheted ball jar coozie!

13. Work on budgeting and paying down the house: We had a certain number that we were shooting for being at for the end of the year, and we are there already! So this goal is already a big ✔️!

Only 3 months to go, and we might just be able to pull this off! If you are weird like me, you might just be thinking about your 2017 goals!!

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