Kick back to the weekend!

There really isn’t much growing around here right now. It’s getting pretty cold at night and the garden will be all cleaned up soon. We are still able to harvest a few cherry tomatoes.

Chicken snack 

I was really excited to cut the birdhouse gourds from the vines! These were all grown from a 25 cent seed packet! I’ll be doing another post on growing these in the future!

Birdhouse gourds! 

The chickens have been clearing out where the 3 sisters garden was and it’s looking great! I threw a pumpkin thre for them and they devoured it!

Pumpkin eating! 

I had all but given up on the cosmos flowers and they decided to take off! They are beautiful!

Cosmos 🌺 

And this pretty lady was loving the pretty warm sun! She’s my garden buddy! I see her all around the garden!

Turtle buddy! 

And I also got all the domestic fun completed too! I made a delicious loaf of bread to put some of my grape jelly on! I also got some laundry hung out and dried! Yippee!


Line drying! 

This weekend I have a big craft show! Hope that you all have something great planned this weekend!

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