Selling crafts like whoa!

I work the ol’ 8:15 to 3:45 all week, craft in the evenings and sell those crafts on the weekend. Between all that, I’m doing mom things, gardening and taking a few naps! This weekend was amazing! I made lots of sales and was pretty proud of making a few bucks!

I’m still smitten with the thought that people think my stuff is amazing enough to spend their hard earned money on! That’s amazing in my mind!!


And now back to the other love of mine, which is gardening! I picked my first butternut squash today! And to think when I fed that baby food to my boy 11 years ago, I really had no idea what it was! (I’m so glad I’ve found the new me!)

My first ever grown butternut squash!

I’m getting a few cherry tomatoes still and I might just get some cabbage!

And a quick flashback: Remember when I blogged about driving in the craziest rain storm this summer to pick up my tumbling composter? The people were getting rid of it because they had chickens and didn’t need it! Well, there are plenty of things that can be composted that I wouldn’t feed my chickens: shredded paper, coffee grounds, chicken poop, rotten produce… Well, this composter rocks! Check out this totally black compost:

Free veggie food! 

The garden will be getting cleaned out for the season in the next few weeks! Here’s to the next busy days and another craft show this weekend!

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