Best husband ever!!

Yes, you read that right! I never stop to give credit where it is due. I have this amazing guy that embraces my quirkiness. He never questions what weirdness that I set before him or walks away from my ideas that most would sprint from. 1 bag of garbage a month✔️, no papertowels✔️, decluttering the house like a madwoman✔️, owning chickens✔️, gardening and canning✔️. He’s seriously amazing!

We discussed how amazing it would be to get an old panel truck to take to craft shows one day. And guess what??? He found one, borrowed a trailer and went really far away to get it. Craziness!

’51 ford panel truck

This week we got a call that a tree cutting friend needed some help with bees in a tree cut down. I was at work, so my husband went to look at the tree to see what we were dealing with. Did I mention that he doesn’t deal well with bee stings. He swells a lot! He even went back that night to help out and chainsaw part of the tree! (And got stung 3 times!)

Trying to save these bees! 
Bees everywhere! 

So, thanks so much to the guy that is the most amazing guy ever. I never could tell him how much he’s appreciated. Thanks for embracing this lifestyle and doing so much for all of us!

2 Comments on “Best husband ever!!

  1. Very cool truck! Love the color and very cool about the bees. I don’t know much about them, and I can honestly say I never gave it much thought, so I’m glad I have your blog to educate me!! Thanks!


    • I love the color too! And it’s definitely a learning experience with the bees! Today I am cleaning out the garden! Sad day for sure!


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