Fall cleanup!

Fall cleanup is in full swing around here. Why worry about clean up? Well, you don’t want to give the pests, viruses and any other garden grosses any place to overwinter! So, this is my sad looking garden now:

Clean garden!

I was so pleased with how well the garlic grew this year! I am hoping for another great harvest next year! (And yes, you plant garlic in the fall.)

Planting garlic

This weekend, the boy enjoyed scout camp and I enjoyed making some money at a craft show. I’m getting closer to making a living out of my passion! Hopefully I can eventually figure out how to do that!

Scout fun!
Another craft show!

I have been decluttering the basement along with help from the rest of the family. It’s definitely the messiest place here, but looking so much better! I can proudly say that I’m close to meeting my decluttering goal for October!

Now I’m off to craft some more before the next craft show and holiday sales! Enjoy the end of the week!

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