Frugal 5 and my normal

I don’t get it! I hear people living paycheck to paycheck. Not being able to buy their necessities. I have had this problem in the past too. Then, thank goodness, my eyes were opened! I don’t need to keep up with anyone else. “Normal” is not normal at all.  We all think that consumerism is that normal. It’s not to me anymore!

So, without anymore questioning or pondering of financial tendencies, here are just 5 frugal things that are going on around here:

1. People spend crazy amounts on a Halloween costume to wear once. My boy wore a vintage 1960’s scout uniform that he picked up at a flea market last year. Price $8 (and he can still wear it for scouts)

Trick or treat! 

2. I craft because I love it, but also because I make a second income! It’s a double win and with the upcoming holidays, I should make a few bucks!

Crafting for friends!

3. I used to run out to the market every 5-7 days and didn’t even take a list. Now I meal plan, go about once every 2 week and bake/cook our own meals. We didn’t have anything for breakfast tomorrow morning, so I baked some apple muffins. Problem solved!

Apple muffins! 🍎 

4. I plant for next spring. Garlic is expensive, and takes a long season. So, I save money by planting my own crops!

Future garlic

5. Before I threw out my recycle bins, I tried to fix it up! It worked! I used the paracord from our bean trellis as the new cording. Saved myself around $20!


So, I don’t drive a new car, live in a crazy expensive house or dress in all the newest fashions. But, I have everything I need plus some. So, how have you saved some $ lately?

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