Minimalism and the boy

We are a family of 3 that really focus on living more sustainable and trying to leave a small footprint while on this Earth. Well, for my husband and myself, it’s pretty easy to do what we’d like! But for the boy, he’s just been raised this way. So, we are going to do a little interview on green living with an 11 year old boy!

Doing his favorite activity

1. What is something that you do that you’d consider green?

Recycling or reusing! Well both! Those are the two that I do most!

2. Do you ever feel different than your friends?

Yes! Because I recycle and actually care about the Earth and they do not!

3. Do you ever miss using single use items like paper towels?

No, I don’t ever remember using paper towels. I only ever remember using cloth towels made by you  (me, his momma!)

4. Do you care about using cloth napkins and reusable bags in your lunch?

I don’t mind because I don’t want to throw those away over and over! My friends think that my napkins and bags are really neat! Even if I did bring a brown paper bag, I’d still have to bring that home to compost it. I wouldn’t want to take my lunch in a plastic bag.

5. What is your favorite crop that we grew this summer?

Favorite?!?! Um, I love them all! I like corn, broccoli, green beans, melons! I like them all! Can we grow cucamelons? Sure kid!

6. Do you like having chickens? If so, what’s so great or bad about them?

Yes, because they are great pets and give us eggs.

7. What is the strangest thing that you have done for the environment?

At the end of the school year, I have gone through the garbage to recycle papers that were being thrown out. I also bring home things that other kids were going to throw away, like folders and pencils.

8. Do you feel that your school is environmentally conscious?

No, not at all. There are no recycling bins at all. One teacher made his own recycling out of a cardboard box, but he’s the only one. Tons of food is thrown away and there is no composting.

9. What is something else that you think we should grow/raise/try around here?

Hmm, I think we should give a whirl to some more chickens or turkeys. Can we get cows? I’d like some cows. No, we can’t have cows! Haha!

10. Do you see yourself continuing this type of lifestyle when you grow up?  

Of course! I would love to keep this up! I see myself doing the same things when I grow up!

Well, there you have it! He doesn’t feel left out or abused. He also has his own ideas of what he’d like to do in the future. Love this kid to pieces.

3 Comments on “Minimalism and the boy

  1. This is a wonderful perspective, especially about the school system. We stay out of the main stream and I worry about my daughter feeling “different”, but I think the more options children see/expereince, the more confident they are and likely have better problem solving skills.


    • I agree! I try to be conscious on his wants, but also stress the point that fitting in is not that important. Growing up can be so hard! Especially keeping true to yourself.

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