My crafty weekend!

We had a blur of a weekend!! The boys were off having a scouting/camping weekend and I crafted a ton!

Oh, and I started a tradition years ago of making a homemade yummy treat for when they get home from camping. This weekend was homemade cookie squares!

They were delicious! 

I finished up the big towel order that I had and I was even able to get them dropped off too! I love it when someone is so excited for something I created!

I also randomly decided to take up hand embroidery. My mom gave me the hoop, and I already had everything else. So, the grand total was $1 for the towel. (I’m already making some other ones as Christmas presents!)

cheap decor! 

I made a grocery bag holder for a coworker  I have enough fabric to make 3 more, so I need to get that done before the holiday shopping season!

Bag holder

I had a request at a craft show for a kid’s gardening apron,so I used my boy as a size reference and created a nice junior sized apron! I love it!

Kid garden apron!

It has been a long Monday compared to that ridiculously quick weekend! Are you planning any homemade items for the holiday season? If so, what?

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