My frugal 5 this week!

We have been cracking down and watching $ because Christmas is around the corner and solar panels are in our near future! Super exciting, but costly!

1.I have been crafting to help make some money this month! I was able to make this child sized apron from fabric that I already had on hand!

Child sized garden apron

2. I also whipped up another hooded towel order! I was able to get another order! Who hoo! Trying to hit a goal this month!

Personalized towel

3. My foaming soap pump quit working, but I was able to pull it all apart and clean the screen. It works perfectly now!

fixed the pump✔️

4. I folded up a newspaper to make a reusable trash liner. We are using it to put burn pile items in so that we can put it right in the fire ring.

Paper garbage liner

5. I was lucky to be given a new pump and my husband helped to make it into a new soap pump for the kitchen! So the old one that I fixed will make its way to the bathroom!

I love this pump! 

It was a great and frugal week! We are always looking for new ways to be less of a consumer! Do you do something that makes you less of a consumer?

One Comment on “My frugal 5 this week!

  1. Yesterday, on the way home from my daughter’s piano lesson, on a hunch I thought we should go to a local supermarket. It was eight o’clock at night and they had reduced food at its use by date to a very low price. I don’t normally buy processed and packaged food but I did save nearly a week’s food for us from going into landfill for about £3. I guess that’s about $4-5.


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