Crazy weather weekend!

So, Friday I was able to get the laundry to dry outside and clean out my strawberry bed. It was seriously over 70 degrees!

Strawberry bed

The chickens enjoyed patrolling their run area and eating whatever they found!

Chickens begging for treats

Then, we woke up to a cold, snowy morning! It’s true that this is not even enough snow to worry about it here, but it’s just so cold!

The dogs love eating fresh snow!

Since it was disgustingly cold, I finally put all of my crafts back on the shelf in my craft room. I have a lot of orders to complete before Christmas!!

A shelf of crafts!

Then, I got this picture sent from the mister while I was teaching today! I have been hearing the turkeys back in the woods, but they decided to come check out our yard!


And after running a ridiculous amount of errands to sell off lots of yard sale items that I have decluttered, I noticed this beautiful sunset!


We have been decluttering fools here last week! We even sorted through the dog toys and got rid of an embarrassing amount of broken and unused toys! Hope that you have a great week!

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