Why I became a minimalist

Today was one of those days that I felt like I had to explain myself over and over. Why? Because I choose to live a simplistic life. Does that mean I’m washing my clothes in a stream with rocks? No! Do I refuse modern technology? Of course not!

With the holiday season well underway, I requested that family buy me nothing this year. It’s because I truly need absolutely nothing. (And feel blessed to be able to say that!) I also “want” absolutely nothing. In my mind a perfect Christmas is just spending time with family and maybe eating a nice meal together. That’s it. No shopping and freaking out over gifts. No buying things just because you need a gift around $20. That’s stress and also over over consumerism.

So now the real question that I avoid answering because it pulls at my heart a bit. Why do you do this whole minimalist thing? Well folks, here’s the answer: when my 25 year old sister suddenly passed away over 10 years ago we had to clear out her whole townhouse. That was everything that she had worked so hard to acquire. Clothes, furniture, you name it. And guess where it went. Either to the goodwill or dumpster. Turns out all that stuff that you work so hard to acquire is actually worthless. Don’t get me wrong, we kept a some stuff. But, definitely not a majority! That’s when the switch totally came on for me.

So, when someone says that they don’t want anything. Don’t get upset. I love the fact that you would want to spend your hard earned money on me. But, I just would rather spend time together. (Memories are all you really get to keep)

Does anyone else struggle with this? Living with less is way more stressful to the people around me, and reduces my stress 100%.

4 Comments on “Why I became a minimalist

  1. I like the idea of it but am sad for the way in which you came to that point. But again I do like the idea of it and that you shared it. Blessings.

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    • No need to feel sad. I think that I would have found this way of life one way or another. And, the memories that I have can’t ever be taken from me. Im more sad of why people can’t just accept me without prying. I love who I’m becoming. 😊


  2. I suggested purchasing, several years ago, for only the children. (toddlers through grade school) You would have thought I had committed some horrible crime. I spoiled Christmas for everyone. Although, adult gift giving had become an exchange of gift cards, instead of heartfelt gifts anyhow. I don’t think I was ever forgiven for this – we did implement it, but for all I know, the rest of my family may have exchanged gifts between themselves, after I went home. It didn’t matter to me either way. I was just glad that I didn’t end up with another gift card for some place that I rarely if ever shopped, or a place to eat that was way out of the way to get to. As far as gifts went, none of us needed another sweater, or candle, or nick knack to dust. I was realistic – the others were still in denial. Now, many – many years later, I think other family members would agree.


    • That’s exactly what it has become. Those gift cards, weird lotions, Christmas decor. It’s just things that I don’t need. Thanks for sharing! I know they feel like I’m a Scrooge, but I would much rather them spend money on their needs.


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