Thanksgiving break!

I have had a great break! As a teacher, I get a nice break from work! 

We enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving spent with family and eating my mom’s delicious meal! That was followed by lots of reminiscing.

Then, we have spent the rest of the break doing our homesteading thing! My friend’s dad is an amazing gardener. He grew these super mega sized pumpkins and traded them to us for some chicken eggs!

Huge pumpkins! 

The chickens have been working on 1/2 of the first pumpkin for about 3 days and still haven’t made much progress!

chickens and their pumpkin

We have also been decluttering so much! I have been actually making some money selling stuff on a local Facebook yardsale group. We had been holding on to so much that we don’t use! We even decluttered the dog’s toys!

Decluttered dog toys! 

And I’m extremely proud to say that due to our hard work this weekend, we have exceeded our goal! We have purged 2016 things in 2016!!!

Goal met!!!

This year we have also downsized our Christmas decor. We even were lucky enough to have our Christmas cactus start blooming!

First bloom! 

We even downsized our Christmas tree to a smaller second hand tree. Instead of having such a hard time dragging out our old big one, we had this one set up and decorated in a half hour! We love it!!

Our Christmas tree!

I have also been crafting lots and lots! I have even been working on crocheting some cute mouse toys for kitties!

Crochet kitty toy

I’m starting to notice how much easier it is to clean and find things from decluttering! It feels so freeing! 😊

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