Handmade Christmas 2016!

This year is shaping up to be a super relaxed holiday season. We downsized our Christmas tree and sold off loads of holiday decor that we didn’t use anymore. Minimal decor, but way more cozy!

Our little tree!

We then skipped out on sending Christmas cards and instead posted a “Merry Christmas!” Picture and message on Facebook.

We convinced family to just be present, instead of presents. Which is awesome! Way less buying! (And accumulation of unneeded items)

I’ve been crafting like a maniac making loads of handmade gifts for others to give, as well as gifts for my own family!

Hand embroidered dish towels
Homemade vanilla extract 

(I’ll be doing a whole post closer to Christmas on how to make this deliciousness!)

Personalized towels

I’ve filled so many orders, and have appreciated every single sale! Making some $ to help with some big 2017 plans! (Can’t wait to tell about them in a few weeks!!)

I hope that you all try to stay relaxed and enjoy family!

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