Christmas Eve eve!

It’s so close to the holidays and I’m pretty excited to say that I just got finished dropping off the last few orders! Yay!!

These are a few of the messy bun/ponytail toboggans that I whipped out to be future Christmas presents!

I’m thrilled to say that I have managed to make beyond my goal for November and December! I plan on taking those extra bucks and put it towards homestead needs!(future seeds, posts and fence for the garden and even chicken food!)

And we are the proud owners of our new solar panels! They are all set to go, but we have to wait for the electric company to turn them on! Yes, we are kind of impatient!

Solar energy!! 

At work, a few coworkers and myself had a homemade gift exchange! It was great! I gifted lots of reusable goods and got lots of yummy treats, a personalized painting and even homemade cleaner!

Ready for homemade gifts! 

I’m planning on finishing up family presents today and my pup plans on sleeping the day away!

What a lazy boy! 

Only a couple more days to work on finishing all those 2016 goals! I think that I have narrowed down the list of what I want to focus on for 2017! Anybody else have any ideas of goals for next year?!?!

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