DIY-ing this holiday!

Now that the holidays are behind us, I can reveal all of the gifts that we made instead of buying! We tried to give thoughtful homemade and useful gifts this year. I think they were all loved! If not, I still loved making them! (With help with the Mr of course!)

First up is a growth chart for an adorable little baby! The Mr cut the board to length and stained it. Then, I used a cricut to cut out the vinyl for the numbers and name. Then I cut out the slashes for the markings.

Growth chart
Next up are the bandana bibs and leg warmers I made that little miss. The bandana bibs were made from fabric and Velcro that I already had here.

The leggings were actually made from knee high socks! You just cut off the foot part, make cuffs from the part you cut off. And voila… cute leggings that you can still change diapers without taking off and for crawling around!

Leg warmers and bibs
Remember those birdhouse gourds that we grew all around the chicken run? Well, a few dried out just in time to make into some adorable birdhouses! I will definitely be writing all about growing these amazing plants!

He drilled them, cleaned them out and stained. Here is the almost dried final product:

Birdhouse gourds 
Lots of friends received jam and jelly! Some were grape and others were strawberry!

šŸ‡ and šŸ“ jams!
I hand stitched this cute flour sack towel for my favorite couple that reside in the hardest state to sew! Seriously, it was tough!

Towel for my favorite mountain momma!
My bff work friend requested vanilla extract! Already blogged about how to make it:

I am hoping that she will get lots of yummy baking out of it! 

I received some great sustainable gifts! My husband’s family were so sweet and didn’t wrap some gifts and bought homestead kind of gifts! I got a butter churner, some bamboo toothbrushes and even a trail cam to keep an eye on some critters that sneak up around here! 

And spoiler alert, I have some super amazing goals for 2017! I am beyond excited to share them! One is going to be adding lots more content on here! So excited!!

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