Homemade brown sugar

I’m still on my quest of creating less waste! I try to bake a lot at home, so I use brown sugar in many recipes. Unfortunately, it comes in a plastic bag that turns rock hard in no time. Turns out, it’s crazy easy to make! So, here ya go!

Materials: Molasses, regular white sugar, bowl, measuring cups and spoons and storage container

2 main ingredients

Step 1: measure out 1 cup of white sugar

1 cup white sugar

Step 2: add in 1 Tablespoon of molasses (it’s quite sticky!) for light brown sugar lie I made or 2 Tbsp. For dark brown sugar

1 Tbsp molasses 

Step 3: I started with trying to stir with a spoon, but it just didn’t mix easily. So, I used my hands and made quick work of it!

Mix it up! 

Step 4: store in a tight sealing container!

Beautiful brown sugar! 

That’s it!! All done!

I waited a couple weeks to post about this because I didn’t want to recommend something that turned rock hard over night. And this does not!! It’s 3 weeks later and it is just as soft today as the day I made it! I’m thinking that this is cost effective as well! So, enjoy making some fresh brown sugar!


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