Tribute to my favorite gardener

This weekend was a difficult one for my family. My Granny was laid to rest and we all spent the weekend reminiscing about what an amazing lady she was.

She was the first gardener that I ever knew. She would work side by side with my Pap in the garden doing whatever needed done. They were quite the dynamic duo. Even after my Pap passed away, over 20 years ago, Granny continued planting her garden, making the best pickles around and canning her goodies. She was the one I asked so many questions to throughout  the garden season. She was my favorite garden guru.

Outside of gardening, she was an excellent seamstress, crocheter, knitter, first aid expert (you should see the scar on my eyebrow where she butterflied my eye lid back together!) and could even mushroom and ginseng hunt with the best of them!

I know that she was proud of everything that we do here at the Llewellyn Homestead, she told me herself. She always was so positive that we would be successful at anything that we tried hard at. If only everyone could have such an amazing support system in their family.

She grew sunflowers taller than our house! 🌻 

So, gardening will always be quite the reminder of the most amazing Grandma. Thanks for teaching me all about plants Granny!

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