Extended weekends = extra work

Don’t you just love getting an extra day tacked on this weekend? I know that I do! Yay for President’s day! Last weekend was spent cleaning out an old beehive that didn’t make it through the winter.

Liquid gold! Aka honey

But this beautiful weekend has me scratching my head and wondering if spring could really be that close! My rhubarb is trying to make its appearance along with my garlic! And even my little crocus flowers want to come up!

The start of the crocus plant!

And since last week had the holiday Valentine’s Day, we kind of skipped out on that. I just don’t need a card or sweets or really anything extra to pollute this Earth. So, my smart hubby created me a nice card out of a lucky charms box. I’m telling you, I’ve got the type of husband that treats me like everyday is Valentine’s Day with his sweetness!

Look at that ♻️ heart!!!

All week long I kept finding sticky patches from honey all around the house and our home actually smelled like bees. I need to find the best way to melt down and clean the wax, but I’m new to all this! So, that will be another post!

Wax, a honey gift and our sellable size!

This week also was another dreaded day as a teacher and parent. Parent conference day! Most of the time I get to say only great things to parents about their children.But it’s not fun having to do the opposite of that as a teacher. Then, going as a parent to my middle school boy’s conferences. Oh my! He’s a great kid, but still figuring the whole middle school thing out. One great thing I learned is that he’s very musical. I already thought he was great, but hearing it from his band teacher made my day! 🥁

So, while I worked hard, my hubby took the boy and a friend to skyzone. He has been wanting to go for a while, so I’m loving the fact that he was able to make that happen! I love experience gifts instead of plastic garbage!

Slam dunk!

So, now for the rest of the weekend, I plan on sewing, crocheting and working so hard to finish all my orders! I’m beyond proud that people want my creations!

Personalized towels

Just don’t tell Sherman that I don’t plan on sleeping the weekend away!

He loves me!


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