Craftiest weekend ever!

This week was absolutely beautiful, minus me being able to get a poison ivy rash all over myself. Ugh! But,this beautiful weather has awoken spring!

Garlic and rhubarb!
Crocus ready to bloom! 
Pretty eggs! 

And the chickens have been loving the warmer days! Today I grabbed 6 eggs out of the coop! (And I’m pretty proud that I can hold 6 eggs in one hand!)

Now on to the hobby weekend! The hubby was busy with his new forge banging on metal. He whipped out a couple bottle openers that were amazing!

Look at that hot metal! 

The boy was busy using the belt sander to whittle down sticks into gnome garden stakes. Then he painted them to be super gnome-like! I think he did great!


And I spent the weekend sewing lots and lots! A local store is going to carry some of my garden aprons! That’s super exciting! And these are a few that I have ready!

Garden aprons! 

And last but not least, the mister and I stained the birdhouse gourds and they will be available at our first craft fair as well! Yay! Now to finish working on a couple things for our February Goals Update!!

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