Winter arrived as well as a new friend

Why must winter finally show up in March? We received around 7 inches of snow and some ice. We even had a snow day off from school! But, I’m so ready to start seeds and work with the soil. I live for that stuff!

Newly fallen snow
Before I had to dig a path 
The boy listening to the buzz of the hive

Once I got all of the snow shoveled, I was able to get some crafting done! Lots of crocheting and some sewing!

Crocheted dishcloths

And now for our super exciting news…

Willy Rabbit! 

We got our little homestead a new fuzzy friend! Definitely a pet, not to eat. He’s a lion head rabbit and as soft as he looks!

Posing with the boy

The boy named him after a Jeep Willys, like our military Jeeps around here. I thought that was a perfect name since we already have a Sherman dog.

And on a totally different note, I cracked one of our white eggs and it was a double yolker!


I love blogging because it takes my perfectly mundane week and makes me realize how truly amazing it was. That’s why I do it, and to share some of the weird stuff that I know! So, I guess I’ll just keep enjoying this totally boring/normal life that I’m leading. 😊

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