I smell Spring in the air!

This weekend was beautiful! Since the bunny is so well behaved and even litter trained, he gets to hang out with the pups sometimes. They weirdly get along well! I wasn’t expecting that!

Such a good bunny!

Yesterday the mister was down with some stomach bug, so the boy and I got to run errands. We had to pick up chicken food and let me tell you that I almost came home with more baby chicks! This time of the year I can not be trusted at Tractor Supply!

But I had to share this:

A must buy!

That magazine is seriously what the boy begged for! Such a history buff!

Now as for finally getting outside to work, that was amazing! I set my onions! (All 80 of them!) and planted a few kale seeds. I want to give kale chips a try and I like almost all greens! So, why not!

Our little raised bed!

And it finally happened:

Garbage bag 2 for 2017

I guess it had to finally happen. If you look at our trash (that made me laugh to type), you’ll notice that it’s almost all wrappers. We will be working on reducing those! Small steps friends, small baby steps!

Last night we participated in the lights out 2017 initiative. It’s to support climate change. Honestly, it was a beautiful night and we wanted to have a camp fire anyway!

Beautiful evening!

All that we needed was a ukulele to sing to! I’m not a great singer, not even good, but I like musics! (Hint hint! Mister!)

That leaves me with a final question for you all: what do you love to grow in your garden? I’m looking for some different ideas, so let me know! Thanks in advance!

3 Comments on “I smell Spring in the air!

  1. We haven’t been able to garden much. We bought our house in april so this year is the year for the garden. We are starting with 1 summer squash plant, im the only one that eats it, one cherry tomato, one slicing tomato, one cucumber plant. We planted some seeds to start.

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