Spring trip to Williamsburg Va.!

So it’s no secret that our boy loves history of any kind. So when he saw a commercial for Colonial Williamsburg last year, he claimed he needed to go there.

We walked over from the visitor center


The walk over was delightful! Only about 1/3 of a mile and it there were sights along the way to see.

While there, the boy loved looking at the buildings, touring the different tradesman shops and of course buying himself a souvenir.

Then, of course, we had to stay a little extra longer at the blacksmith shop. While there I got to hear the mister tell me all about some of the tools there that he could really use! Surprisingly the boy wasn’t that impressed with the blacksmith, since he watches his dad do this work quite frequently!

Blacksmith at work

Now for my favorite part: the GARDENS!! There were several, and more was planted than I expected!

Mounds of ??

Most plants were labeled, but some were not. I could figure out most of the plants!

Beautiful flowers and radishes
I believe these were kale!
Beautiful arbor and raised beds
Love this trellis tunnel!
Swiss chard and love those greenhouses
I need those cold frames!

Then there was a little garden store right beside the garden that was selling all kinds of pots and plants and garden items.  Here is the item that the mister needs to start making:

Garden trowel

I would love to have a nice trowel not made of plastic with a handle that won’t break off! These puppies were about $50, so I’ll just keep begging for one to be made for me!

Overall it was a nice trip! I wish that we could have spent more time there and visited Yorktown and Jamestown, but we needed to be back home for Easter!

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