Wednesday walk around the homestead 6/8/17

The garden is finally looking somewhat like a garden! I still have a few seeds to plant, but overall things are growing pretty well!

The pole green beans are finally coming up out of the ground towards the green bean teepee.

Tiny green bean plants

The garlic is getting pretty close to harvest time!

Garlic is almost ready! 

The raised bed closest to the house is looking great! Loads of onions and the strawberries have been producing well too!

Trellis little cucumelons! 

I had to build a cage for the birdhouse gourds that are growing around the chicken run. (Or else the chickens would eat them!)

Birdhouse gourds

The mega pumpkins are finally starting to grow a little bit!

Pumpkin plant

And I have the tiniest stalks of popcorn growing!

Tiny popcorn stalks! 

I talked the mister into helping me put in the tomato stakes. Last year I nearly broke a finger using the sledge. There are around 40 plants growing! And tons more that came up on their own!


The cucumbers are taking off and I’m hoping that we get more than last year! (I only got 2-3 cucumbers altogether last year!)


My zucchinis are taking their good sweet time growing this year! I’m hoping that they are able to produce a good many zucchinis before the squash bugs and cucumber beetles come after them!


Don’t mind the grass and weeds all throughout the garden! It has been raining a ton here and it is hard to get out there and weeding like I need to!

Green bean plants! 

I am shocked that the tomatoes that came up on their own are already growing blooms! They are so healthy!

Tiny blooms!

I have been waiting and waiting for the okra to do something! Finally I found this little fuzzy seedling coming up! Yay!

Okra seedling! 

We hope that your gardens are growing well for you! Although I shared a lot of pictures, don’t think that all is perfect here! Something keeps eating all of my luffa plants and I’m hoping to get more started so that I might get a few scrubbers this year! And, a groundhog broke into the garden and ate all of the beets. Gardening is so frustrating and fulfilling at the same time!

7 Comments on “Wednesday walk around the homestead 6/8/17

  1. any advice on insect damage…our cabbage is already being eaten, even after an expensive (sure fire) spray was used. And our cucumbers didn’t do well last year either


  2. Any advice on pest control..our cabbages (though sprayed with a commercial sure fire spray) are being eaten alive…and our cucumbers did poorly last year as well


    • I really steer clear of most insecticides and hand pick off the critters or try to use diamataceous earth. It really helps with beetles. Once most of the plants near the chicken coop get bigger, I let the girls patrol the area.


  3. my garden was looking like a garden, but than I had some rabbits or something devour a bunch of my pea plants, several smaller tomato plants, a couple green bean plants and even some basil….. Ughh… Now I have some to replant again. . . and now that it is getting pretty hot it’s making it hard to keep them going with a full time 60 hour work week 😦 But I think this weekend I will get them back to where they need to be, hopefully..


    • It’s always something with gardening! Anytime we have a lot being chewed on, it’s usually a groundhog. Rabbits are more nibblers. Good luck with your garden this year! 😊


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