Walk through the garden 7/14/17

We have been harvesting a fair amount of produce from the garden! It’s starting to look like a jungle in there!

So many tomatoes! 

We are growing a couple different varieties of peppers this year, but only the green peppers are growing so far!

Green pepper!

Last year the cucumber plants were killed off almost right away. I was super bummed about that! This year, they seem to be doing much better! Pickle making will be happening soon!


A nice close up of the tomato jungle! In my defense most of these came up on their own and I just couldn’t kill them!

Welcome to the (tomato) jungle! 

My efforts to combat squash bugs is working so far! That means picking off any squash bug eggs every few days, but it’s worth it!

Beautiful zucchini

I was also able to clean out the compost tumbler! I put a majority of the compost down where the beets are going to be put in the garden!

Future beet area! 

The popcorn seems to be growing nicely! I’m hoping to harvest some of this for the winter!


Now a totally different story is the green beans! Something, I think the groundhog, kept breaking into the garden and eating the plants! Hoping to get them growing now that I have located the break in area!

Sad green beans! 

We also still have loads of blossoming plants, including the beautiful black eyed Susans!

Black eyed Susans

The chicken coop was cleaned out well by yours truly, and the birdhouse gourds are finally trellising up!

Our coop! 

And last, but not least, is that we finally got some shirts with our logo!

Our new shirts!!! 

We are having a honey and egg sale here at the homestead tomorrow! I’ll be posting how that went after the weekend!

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