Fair winnings and feeling like a fraud

Yes, you sure read that correctly. For a couple years in a row I have enjoyed entering our crafts and foods into the fair, but I just get this nagging voice in my head that screams that I’m not good enough. So let’s start with the good, what all we won!

First place quail eggs 
First place chili sauce 
First place bee products basket
First place apron
First place railroad spike garden spade
Second place beekeeping craft
Third place white potatoes 

And the boy won first place for his ceramic fish he made on art class!

Now on to the crappy part! Yes, I only have about three quarters of an acre. Nope, I will never have goats, cows or other poultry. It makes me feel like I’m just not enough. My garden isn’t huge and I can’t fully sustain myself from my home alone. I don’t solely live off the grid and I have a full time job, other than living off our tiny plot. So, I guess what I’m sayin is that life isn’t perfect! I’m doing ok with what I have and I am just going to continue to bloom where I am planted! There, I said it! I’m just tiny plot farmer!

3 Comments on “Fair winnings and feeling like a fraud

  1. J & D > we understand this from our own experience. We’ve grown food and made things and generally shifted for ourselves for 40 yrs, and most of that time with only small urban gardens in each of our many homes over the years. So we concentrated on crafts. Then we had the chance to move home to the islands, first with just the half-acre walled garden,band then later cane our 15acre croft. But it is VERY poor land, difficult to work, and we still have to put most of our effort into crafts to pay the bills. One thing we’ve learnedly: make the most of what you already have, and new opportunities will be added when you’re ready for them. Expect good always, and leave it to show up as and when. Beannachan Sibhse!


    • Wow! 40 years of doing what you’re doing! I will keep all of your wisdom in mind! I think I just tend to get impatient and want to speed things up! I need to really work on that! 😊


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