Walk through the garden 7/26/17

It has been a little different with weather lately! Strangely cooler and even some rain. And I think the garden is really enjoying the break from 90 degrees! Here are some pretty garden pictures for your delight!

Birdhouse gourds!
Trellis filled with cucumelons on the left and luffas and gourds on the right
Sweet potatoes! 
No watermelons, but cute blooms
Best peppers I have ever grown! 
Okra! I’ve never grown it before, so I guess it looks ok!
Popcorn getting tall! 
Tiny jalapeño peppers! (Ignore the weeds!)

I also just planted my new fall crop of beets! I’m hoping to harvest them in September or October!

Grow beets, grow! 

And our little flower garden is looking amazing!

Echinacea and black eyed susans! 

And I thought I’d show off this pretty picture of some native bee that was covered in pollen yesterday!

Nature is beautiful! 

I hope that you are harvesting loads out of your garden! Continue to bloom where you are planted! 🌱💚

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