Pond success, harvesting and a question

Remember how we scored a nice pond liner from a yard sale site for only $10?!

IMG_8773Well, the main reason we bought it was to provide a reliable watering hole for the bees. So, we bought a few water hyancith and some water lettuce and hoped the bees would use it. The great news:

The bees love it! And it flowered! 

I laughed and told my husband at this point about 10% of our ideas work!

On to the garden! There is a beautiful orange/yellow sunflower that’s trying to bloom!

So close! 🌻

And it is nice to see a beneficial insect in the garden for once, instead of the millions of squash bugs and cucumber beetles that I have been squishing!

Little ladybug in the corn 

And our harvests are getting pretty regular now! We are still getting a few onions (purple, white and yellow) along with lots of cucumbers, zucchini, our first tomatoes and tiny cucumelons!


I asked this question on my Facebook llewellyn homestead page, but I’ll ask it here too. Here are a few things we do to live frugally and with a lower carbon footprint:


Some of my friends suggesting things that I forgot like composting, fixing things instead of trashing them and hunting. Can you suggest anything else? If so, please do! I’m going to try to post an idea per day next month, so I’ll need 31!

And now I leave you with this sad baby!

Sherman in his glory

I keep telling him that school will be back in soon and he won’t be able to follow me all day and sit on my lap! 🙁


Keep blooming where you are planted! 🌱💚

2 Comments on “Pond success, harvesting and a question

  1. Things are looking great! A suggestion for the pond. A couple of native fish in the pond will help feed the plants…and give you another clean healthy source of food. They are super low maintenance as you don’t even have to feed them!

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    • Great suggestions! For this year we just put some feeders in there, but next year we should go the native route. I know that before too long the cold weather will be back!


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