Garden pictures and canning

The garden is really producing lots of fruits and veggies lately! I’m still loving the gardening apron that I made a couple years ago because I can pick a ton more veggies without moving a basket with me!

Yesterday’s harvest 
Top view of my gardening apron 

Remember how that groundhog ate every bite of my beets in the spring? Well here are the ones I planted for a fall harvest.


And lots of other crops are growing by the day!

Tiny pumpkin
My first ever jalapeños 
We seriously picked over 60 cucumelons yesterday! 
Trails of sweet potatoes!
My super late to the game luffa! 

Since we put up bread and butter pickles, we went ahead and make some dill ones too!

Dill pickles

The sunflowers are starting to bloom now too!

My favorite flower! 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and keep blooming where you are planted! 🌱💚

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