Harvests and watching the eclipse!

In case you didn’t notice (haha) there was a solar eclipse today! The boy and I made pinhole projectors out of cereal boxes and enjoyed the show! It didn’t get very dark here, but it was kind of eerie! I thought maybe the chickens or bees would act differently, but I didn’t notice anything! The solar panels did notice the eclipse though!

Look at that dip! 

And check out the colander during the eclipse!

Our neighbor’s garden has been growing very well! So, he gave us 4 buckets of leftovers for the chickens and all of this for us:

Neighbor’s gift to us! 

I started picking our harvest this morning, but it was too hot! This was all collected just from our yard! (Not the big garden!)

Yard harvest

And our one and only luffa is getting pretty big!

Cattle panel trellis!

And here is the whole harvest from today! That’s a little over 15 pounds in cherry tomatoes alone!

The whole harvest!

And we have our first cayenne pepper growing!

Cute pepper! 

And I will finish the post with a bee on our pretty orange sunflower!

My favorite flower!

Have a great week and keep blooming where you are planted!

3 Comments on “Harvests and watching the eclipse!

  1. Solar eclipses are an interesting experience!

    On your solar panel reading, the electricity generated doesn’t return to the same heights that you had in the morning. Maybe that is due to normal weather conditions but I wondered if there was a latent effect after the partial blackout?

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