Greenest week ever!

This week I’ve been busy trying to green up my school!! My students read about an ecofriendly school and we did everything from discussing carbon footprints to writing letters to the mayor about more recycling opportunities in our town!

Remelted crayon and some student work 

I also created a recycling center in the teacher’s lunchroom for their soda/water bottles and k cup pods! I bought a cutter that makes cleaning out the cups way easier and then I just save up the cups to send in and compost the coffee grounds.

I have also been sharing my produce with my friends at work!

Yummy produce in upcycled containers!

And the Mr was able to upcycle the boy’s recalled crib into an easel that we are going to use at produce stands and craft shows!

I love it!

And, the sweet potatoes are blooming away! I think that their blooms are beautiful!

Sweet potato blooms

Does anyone else have to green up their workplace? I guess if I can’t get them to go zero waste, I can curb some waste! Have a great weekend!!

5 Comments on “Greenest week ever!

  1. We’ve been working hard to increase the recycling and composting in our household, and teaching our kids how to and why we do it as well.

    I’m curious about the cup cutter – after the grounds are out, do you just recycle both of the plastic ends? I wasn’t sure if the thin plastic “lid” was recyclable and have been carefully peeling it off all my kcups before composting the grounds and recycling the containers.

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  2. This is so cool! Thankful for teachers who instill a sense of responsibility in our kids toward our planet! And, on a side note, I’d never seen sweet potato blooms before! They are gorgeous!


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