Blacksmithing up a storm!

The Mr has been forging his heart out lately! Just about everytime I walk into the garage, I can hear pounding and smell coal smoke. (Weirdly enough that sulpher smell reminds me of my childhood home.)

Bending a railroad spike 

After bending several, he attached them to some old barn wood and created an absolutely gorgeous and rustic rack!

Hooks on barn wood 

He also bent some horseshoe nails to create a unique leash or key rack!

Horseshoe nail rack! 

He was even able to upcycle a few of our ball jars into candle/plant/flower holders!

Mason jar holder with forged hooks

The business card holder is my absolute favorite! We have ordered a business card stamper and will be upcycling some cereal boxes into business card!

My favorite!! Business card holder! 

I have been creating some upcycled crafts as well! We turned some wine bottles into self watering  planters! I planted them with spider plants!

I love the one I have, so we made some more! 

And I figured that I’d finish with my crazy chicken that enjoys roosting on our fence in the morning!

She is crazy! 

Enjoy your weekend and keep blooming!!

6 Comments on “Blacksmithing up a storm!

  1. Those are looking great! I always like to see another smith hard at work. Has he thought about diamond heading the screws? It gives the whole piece more of a rustic look. Things are looking good though!


    • He really likes seeing others work too! I’ll give him the tip about diamond heading the screws. It is always nice to hear from others that enjoy the workmanship that goes into creating those type of pieces! He’s definitely learning as he goes.


  2. I love the business card holder and mason jar holders – they would be fantastic to use as wall candle sconces, maybe for an outside oasis on a fence. Ooh! I think I have a project for my hubby! Thanks! Lol
    – Christine

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