A sad day at the homestead

Today was one of those days that made me feel like maybe I should have just stayed in bed. I felt some sort of illness coming on last night and woke up with a fever, rash and cough. Weird, right? But, the day continued on.

Then, while feeding the chickens, we found out that a raccoon managed to devour 1 chicken and rip the head off of another chicken. There will be no more blue eggs here at the homestead now.

So many feathers. 😢

Since I don’t like to seem like I’m being negative too much, I’ll end on some positives:

1. At least it was only 2, and not more.

2. The 2 that we killed were my oldest chickens.

3. The following dish cloths that I crocheted up cracked me up because they reminded me of Neapolitan ice cream:

Strawberry, vanilla and chocolate! 

4. I’m so close to finishing all my personalized towel orders!!

10 finished last week! 

5. I have been receiving great feedback about my beeswax lip balm! (And was able to get some more made!)

Lemongrass, orange and peppermint! 

I will miss both of those sweet chickens. The brown girl was the last one from our original 4 “fluff butts” and the Easter Egger was a great find from one of my roller derby friends! Here’s to tomorrow being a better day!

11 Comments on “A sad day at the homestead

    • Yes, it unfortunately did. So, we are lucky that it only got 2. We learned that we need to lock up everything better! Now we are down to less than 10. 😢


      • 😥 we have 10…and as secure if a coop and run as I could come up with. The ladies have been safe for 6 months, but I’m still always nervous something will get in!


  1. I just wrote a post about a raccoon getting one of my chickens! I’m right there with you! We’re down to 7… 😢


  2. I’ve been looking into raising our own chickens. This brought back some of the realities that come with caring for animals and remind me that their will be highs and lows along the road.

    When you say dish cloths do you mean for washing up your dishes with? What are they crocheted with cottons or wool?


    • So far, the chickens are being left alone! Thank goodness! And yes, the dish cloths are good for about anything. Both as a dish cloth and a washcloth. It’s made out of cotton yarn.


      • Amazing, I’ve just completed my first ever crochet project, a new prayer mat. I’ve got a little cotton left over maybe I’ll make myself a few new dish cloths too 🙂


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